About World Luxury Hotel Awards

Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience

World Luxury Hotel Awards is a World Travel Awards micro site.

Since World Travel Awards 'burst' on to the international travel and tourism scene 18 years ago, the organisation has been making a steady and significant, long term impact.

It has taken a global lead on one of the most important aspects of travel and tourism – the quality customer experience.

This is a key dimension, governing the overall success of companies and organisations.

Separating the good from the outstanding.
Identifying companies that consistently excel beyond expectation.
Taking customer expectations to a new, unparalleled high.

Arguably, excellent customer experience is the one last differentiator that can lever true commercial advantage. It is for this reason that World Travel Awards have become renowned and coveted.

Many companies believe that they deliver superior customer experience, but sadly, this is often not matched by the perceptions of their customers.

World Travel Awards' aim has been to encourage world-class competition, to stimulate innovation and creativity, and to ensure travellers receive exceptional value.

Winning a World Travel Award has become much sought after.

Companies who are presented with one of these prestigious awards are coming to regard this considerable achievement vital to helping reassure travellers and effectively assist sales and marketing performance.